Are you looking for a tailormade SEO solution?

We solve the ‘agency’ vs ‘in-house SEO’ conundrum

A lot of companies agonise over whether to build their own teams or outsource their SEO to an agency. Both options carry risk as well as huge potential benefits.

Working with a specialist SEO consultant, however, offers you the best of both these worlds.

Our expertise and guidance comes with a flexibility and freedom that you won’t get from working with an agency. It’s highly cost effective and carries none of the hassles associated with hiring full-time staff.

This is a skilled discipline requiring specialist technical knowledge and years of hands-on experience. And you can have access to this director-level know-how as and when required.

What business outcomes will you achieve?

  • A highly optimised website that complies 100% with all Google quality guidelines
  • Control over your digital reputation and how your brand is presented online
  • Better traffic, more conversions, higher visitor numbers

Why should you focus on SEO to achieve this?

The best visits to your website are the organic clicks you get from search engines. It’s the highest volume, most engaged and best performing traffic segment across 99% of commercial websites.

Yet the bulk of websites are built by web developers who have no background in SEO and filled with sales copy written by marketing copywriters and salespeople that lack this vital expertise.

This can effectively block access to this highly valuable traffic source.

How long before we start seeing results?

Every website has issues preventing it from achieving its potential. It could be down to Google penalties suffered in the past, including Panda Penalties covering poor content practices or Penguin Penalties designed to penalise banned link-building practices.

You might have some indexing issues stopping search engines from crawling your site properly. Your content might be poor or your website technically not fit-for-purpose.

You could simply be competing in a niche where your competitors have much stronger brand equity, meaning search engines trust them more.

Sometimes it can be as simple as initiating a few technical fixes, or it could require a large amount of link-building and PR.

Our process begins with auditing your website and content to understand what needs to be done. From there on we’ll be able to provide you with a detailed work schedule and a timeline of how long it will take to see results.

We can work with you in phases, as part of a one-off project, or on an on-going basis. It’s whatever makes the most sense.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to explore how we could work together, let’s have a quick chat.

You can call me between 9am and 5pm on 07976 642348 or drop me an email at

I’ve worked with John for 5 years, maybe more. He’s a great SEO consultant – I’ve referred people to him who have been really pleased with what he’s done. And will happily refer more people too.