Podcasting is a way of getting inside your audience’s head with your actual human voice. Letting you express yourself and your brand with more power than the written word alone. Using music, sound and spoken word to show leadership, humour and emotion; showcasing your brand in rich tones of colour and shade.

Producing the Travels Through Time podcast series

“This is one of my favourite podcast series and it was a big honour and a real pleasure to kick off the new season.“

As director of digital production at Travels Through Time I produce one of the UK’s favourite history podcasts in partnership with Dynamichrome.

This allows me to advise clients on their own podcasting efforts and provide production and distribution services, ensuring that their podcast is distributed across all podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud and more.

Here’s an example of a recent episode

How we can make your podcast work for you

Using SEO first principals, we can produce a series of data driven podcast topics tailored to your brand and your audience.

We can create a strong sonic identity using audio branding, through music and professional editing techniques.

We then record, edit, publish and promote your podcast across multiple channels.

Each podcast episode is re-purposed multiple times to produce written original written blog content around the topic.

Each podcast can usually support 3 blog posts, so out of a season of 12 podcasts we can usually spin off 36 blog posts and distribute them for you widely across the web.

Call me on the number below to find out more about our ‘hub and spoke’ approach to content marketing and SEO

John Hillman
Blue Travels Through Time Podcast

Podcasts and audio-first consumption are clearly exploding, and they’re one of the best ways to get started creating content for your business, product, service or brand.

Gary Vaynerchuck , VaynerX