SEO training; bespoke masterclasses for in-house teams

If you’re looking to provide a broad overview of how SEO works, or develop key individuals as experts within the team, bespoke in-house training provides the tailor-made solution that aligns 100% with your business goals.

As a cost effective and niche focused solution, we have delivered our in-house SEO workshops to leading PR and marketing firms, SMEs, Startups and Fintech leaders.

SEO can help you achieve a number of objectives, from growing traffic and increasing brand awareness to driving more sales and in-bound enquiries.

As a Visiting Lecturer at City University in Digital Storytelling, experienced corporate trainer and hands-on expert SEO consultant, you will receive everything your teams needs to take control of your online performance.

Courses are designed with individual team leaders to ensure that the content is tailored to their goals and objectives.

Training is delivered at your offices or a venue of your choosing and typically lasts 3 hours per session.

What does a typical SEO course look like?

Our courses can be introductory or detailed, depending on what you require. However, a typical in-house SEO course will usually cover some or many of the following topics

  • The essential SEO 101 Pyramid
  • Backlinks 2020 and why links are not always the answer to your SEO conundrum
  • Understanding EAT & YMYL – the stuff Google really cares about
  • Content and links; where does the real value come from?
  • Designing Content Pillars for digital campaigns
  • 5 Step process for finding and building links in any niche
  • Copywriting for SEO; how to write for the web
  • Advanced technical SEO
  • Benchmarking & Reporting

Want to find out more?

If you would like to explore how we could work together, let’s have a quick chat. You can call me between 9am and 5pm on 07976 642348 or drop me an email at

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